I don't remember if it was in a podcast I listened to or.. Anyway, someone explained how she still has a relationship with her mother even though they're not in the same space anymore and even if years have passed. Your mother or father and their teachings or opinions or how you connected the most will always stay with you. I find that comforting and a tiny example of that from yesterday. I was in a store and I wanted to pick a nail polish for myself, so I picked a light pink one, kind of a skin toned. And then I walked around a bit more to get some groceries and then suddenly I got a feeling what my mom would think about this nail polish color that I had picked out. She would have hated it. Not in a bad way, but she always told me that if you're gonna paint your nails, it has to show and has to be a colour. My grandmother also liked these skin toned polishes and my mom didn't get why would we. Anyway. I went back to the shelf and chose a yellow nail polish. And I was smiling and little in tears at the same time. She still is with me and we do still have a close relationship just through time and space I guess 🦄

Posted by Triinu at 2022-07-13 09:17:08 UTC