Hi everyone. I’m here because I lost my Mum in April 2022. She was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer in January. Due to my kids catching numerous bugs and covid I wasn’t able to see her that much. And she was in and out of hospital. At the end of March we found out it had spread and was now stage 4 and untreatable. Worst case scenario was 2-4 months left. But when I went to see her, although very underweight and on morphine, she seemed more alive than I’d seen her since before Christmas. There was this hope inside me that things would change, a miracle would happen and it would go and I’d get to keep my Mum. We were making plans for her to renew her vows with my Dad. 2 weeks later she was gone. Even though I knew she was ill it felt so unexpected and sudden. I thought we had more time. I’d give anything to have more time. She was only 58 and my brain just won’t let me make sense of it. Most of the time I’m on auto pilot. But the anger is so hard to control sometimes. Discovering this group has really helped me in not feeling so alone.

Posted by tjroberio at 2022-07-13 02:26:30 UTC