Hello everyone… I went out today to celebrate my friend‘s birthday. It was the firts time going to a bigger event after my mom‘s passing 9 months ago. I ran into an old friend from highsschool and since he never callef or texted me saying something about my mom, I guessed he didn‘t know about it. He asked „how are you doing?“ and expected the regular „Fine and you?“ but I gave him an honest answer. I said that I wasn‘t feeling good because my mom died an he just replied „Oh yeah I know about that, that happened already a while ago, didn‘t it?“. Without any empathy, without expressing any kind of emotion, wirhout telling me he felt sorry… And then I told him that I had a son a few months ago and again he only replied „ah yes, I know“. WTF?! and because I felt very lost and uncomfortable in this whole situation I continued by asking him things like where he‘s working now and that I saw on insta that he goes running know…. I feel so angry about myself for not standing up for myself, I feel ashamed…It is just all too much tonight. I miss my mom, I want her to be here with me. I don‘t want things to be the way they are, I don‘t want to be the woman that has lost her mother at a young age.

Posted by Joanne at 2022-07-12 21:50:08 UTC