Hello, I’m elena. I’m going to be 17. I’ve lost both my father and abuelita to brain cancer two months ago after watching both of them suffer for two years. It’s a living hell waking up and realizing that my father isn’t here, that I’ll never hug him, hold his hand, or get his advice. He won’t be there for birthdays, graduations, or weddings. And it rips my heart out of my chest every time I think of it. I haven’t processed Abuelitas passing either, I’m just in survival mode right now, and just the thought that in two months I’ve lost 2/3 of the most important adults in my life kills me. I can’t mentally except the fact that both of them are gone. I feel so cheated on, he should be there to take those cheesy pictures for prom, to sneak ice cream into my dance class for me and my friends, to help me open college acceptance or rejection letters, and to tell me the worst jokes. Now I’m taking care of my younger brother and mother. I’m just too young, and everyone tells me these are the best years of my life, but how can I accept that when the best person in it is gone? I hope to find others who understand 💓

Posted by Elena at 2022-07-12 21:36:40 UTC