Hello all, I have a very unusual request for you this evening. The Daily Mail has got in touch as they'd like to feature our little community in the paper on Saturday but they'd love to hear from some members (particularly people who have experienced partner loss) about their stories. So, if you don't mind being featured, please answer two of the questions below, as well as telling us your name or the name you'd like your quote to be credited to. (I can't promise you'll be included though.) The deadline is end of play tomorrow (13/07/22). By helping to answer the questions, you'll help us get the word out about Untangle, reach more people and let them know support is available! 🌈 If you'd prefer to email these to us, our email is team@untanglegrief.com. Thanks so much πŸ™ Your name (are you happy to share this? we can use a fake name if not) Who did you lose and how? What do you do to make yourself feel better? What do you miss about them? When you look back, was there anything 'crazy' you did after your loss? What have you found helpful in your grief? Did you have any physical symptoms of grief? Brain fog? Did you need help from NHS - did you get any? Did you need professional help eg. therapy? What emotions have you felt? Anger? Guilt?

Posted by Fae @ Untangle at 2022-07-12 17:06:15 UTC