Today is a big day for Untangle. We’re launching a new Untangle membership called Untangle+, and it’s all down to you. 🎉 When we set up Untangle, it was because we wanted to make sure everyone had access to grief support when they needed it - not when they could afford it or when they got to the front of the waiting list. And now, we have a free app with a beautifully supportive community and the option to pay a little more for a range of enhanced support services. And all this is down to you. You've given us the inspiration for the features, the drive to build it and the motivation each day to show up and try and make the experience of grief just a little more manageable. So, whether you sign up to Untangle+ (with its mix of support pods, buddy service, wellness workshops and more) or not and stay with our free community, we just want to say thank you. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Untangle team x

Posted by Emily @ Untangle at 2022-07-11 18:14:59 UTC