Good morning from the US. My husband, Mike, died suddenly on 6/16, the morning of my son’s high school graduation. He died in his sleep and we aren’t sure of the cause yet. It likely had to do with major shoulder surgery he had 13 days earlier. My 3 kids (20, 18 and 15) are devastated. He was a very senior executive at a large employer in our city, so it has been very public. On top of that, my 15 year old daughter (physically ok) was involved in a horrific boating accident on 7/9. She was on a tube with her friends older sister and they were hit by the boat that was pulling them. My daughter Allie survived by jumping off, but the other girl, Julia, was killed. So it’s trauma on top of trauma for my sweet girl. Last night was the visitation and today is the funeral. This was also a very public death due to the circumstances and Julia’s dad’s job as a coach of a Major League Baseball team. Our communities are basically the same, so everyone last night was coming up to me and expressing their condolences about Mike (and Allies involvement in the accident). It’s so much for us all to deal with - especially Allie who was involved in the rescue/recovery, etc and now just wants her Dad. Thanks for letting me share.

Posted by awassmer at 2022-07-11 12:01:20 UTC