I lost my mum in November 2021. I’m lucky I have some great people around me and my dad is still around. I had help and support finalising everything everything is done the funeral sale of the house etc. now I’m left to deal with grief I have nothing left that feels like I’m doing something for her to occupy my mind. Some days I’m ok others I’m drowning and all I want is my mum back. I’m a mum myself so pretty much everything reminds me of her. We even have her dog she’s 16 and I know when her time comes it will feel like losing mum all over again. Mum was an unwell lady most of my life and had many near misses so much so I’d no longer worry it was mum she always pulled through that last hospital trip felt no different so her passing was unexpected to me the family and even my mum. I guess I’m here just to sound off find support and counselling for the bad days. For everyone on here I’m so sorry for your losses none of us are prepared for the pain of loss and we have no choice but to live through it much love to you all xxxxx

Posted by Eleanor at 2022-04-15 11:48:05 UTC