Quiet mornings seem to be where I feel that I can sit and feel peace in my grief. I feel my dad very close here. My mom was down this week visiting again for a couple days after a trip to see my brother in Kansas and we went to a national park that had caves you can take tours through. At one point in the tour they had you sit down on these benches inside the cave to tell you more about the history of their discovery and they said they were going to turn out the lights so you could see what it was like for the people who first explored these caves. It was pitch black, and other than the chattering of children on the tour…it was so quiet. So peaceful. I wanted to cry because it reminded me of these quiet mornings where I feel my dad so close yet I feel a release of the immense weight and pain. It’s strange to me how grief and peace can exist at the same time, or grief and joy. The first 7 months after he passed, it didn’t always feels like this for me. Feels like everyday that we grieve our loved ones we’re just trying to coexist the best that we can with all these emotions. Do you have a time of day or a specific place you go that you feel your loved one or a place that you feel some sense of peace?

Posted by Newella at 2022-07-10 13:42:38 UTC