Hello everyone. I’m Victoria. My father Simeon passed away nearly a decade ago. I was 16 and he had colon cancer for 3 years. He fought beautifully until ultimately dying on February 5th of 2013. What’s so interesting about grief is how it doesn’t matter how long your loved one has been gone for but the impact they have had on our lives. For me, I think about all of the things my father missed out on and will continue to miss. Like me graduating high school, college and even getting my masters last year. I miss watching Maury with him and him explaining jeopardy facts to me. I miss his crooked smoked and the way he’d ask if I had eaten or not. I miss his food, his smell and his big soft belly! Ultimately I miss the one person who understood me the most. I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and taking it easy. My heart and soul will forever be broken but their are parts of me that feel unexplainable joy when I think of my sweet father. Till we all meet our loves again ♡

Posted by victoriatende at 2022-07-10 09:43:01 UTC