Hi, my name is Yas. I lost my best friend over a year ago to covid. I don’t want to trigger anyone with details of what she went through in her last moments, but her passing was traumatic to those of us who knew her. We had a beautiful friendship for 6 years. We worked together at a nursery, where our friendship started, and over time, we nurtured what we had into a friendship that brought so much love and happiness into our lives. She met my husband 3 years ago at my birthday celebration (when he was my boyfriend on the verge of being my fiancé) and it’s one of the most beautiful memories I have of her. I miss her every day. I did my best to honor her at the virtual ceremony where my husband and I exchanged vows and shared our memories of her. I’ll always miss her and I’ll always love her. Thank you for reading. ♥️

Posted by ygjordan at 2022-07-09 21:23:08 UTC