Hi everyone, Im new here. Im 42 and I recently lost my mom to cancer. She went to hospital for a check up on thursday and they found An isolated tumor. Took a scan and everything was fine. She returned home. But three days later on Monday night she was rushed to hospital. She had a couple of heart attacks but came through. They took a new scan and the cancer was everywhere. Doctors couldnt understand it. She died that friday. She didnt got any chance. My dad got very sick 2 months after due to a blood poisoning. Hè was hanging between life and death for a month. Hes now doing better. But I miss mom. I miss my old life. I miss being carefree. I m frustrated my mom is missing out on so many things. She told us she wanted to live so many times during those days. It is so unfair. I developed An anxiety issue because all of this. Im constantly worried something Will happen again. Try to deal also with the grief but it is so hard and i often still cant believe all this has happened.

Posted by danielle.hennaert at 2022-07-09 20:53:12 UTC