Hello all, I am new here. I'm am 46 and sadly lost my beautiful mum to small cell lung cancer in April, aged 70. She fought a hard battle for 16 months and I looked after her at home as she didn't want to go into a hospice. Been a really tough road with mum, but she was a true warrior! Never complained once, and was at peace with it all. She only did chemo so her family could get more time and used to her not being here. The most selfless person I have ever known. I will be honest, I am struggling with it all. My dad is still here, so i need to make sure he is ok, he's 82 and not in the best health, and I am not local to him. Just need somewhere to feel safe to talk with others who understand those emotions and feelings of losing such an important person.

Posted by gardengirl at 2022-07-09 17:27:11 UTC