Firstly, I'm not posting this to get sympathy but I'm really suffering, today. Just saw a programme about India. Kevin and I went to Goa twice. He wanted to go back for his 60th. He died at 59. I can't complain, we had so many wonderful trips. At the moment, I can't imagine going on holiday without him. Some people don't mind who they do whatever with as long as they do it. For me, I didn't mind what I did as long as Kevin was there. Today it is warm and sunny. Kev and I would have gone to the seaside to eat fish and chips or dressed crab; maybe even both. We loved the Yorkshire East Coast, especially a fishing town called Bridlington. I posted this because I don't feel that I can talk about it with anyone else. I honestly don't want sympathy replies. Much love to everyone on here who feels particularly sad, lost and lonely, today. XX❤️🌹

Posted by tomsharkey at 2022-07-09 13:45:30 UTC