Hello everyone!!! Newbie here 🥴 As a nurse by profession of 30 years I’ve had my share of taking care of families helping their loved one transition but being on the receiving end of that care is so foreign to me. I lost my mom May 11, 2022… she didn’t have any terminal disease or anything like that, she 86 and lived a full life. She however had given ip on life when my dad passed away in 2016… so you can say she willed herself to die, having a broken heart and missing him which in the last 6 years my daughter and myself can’t get her out of. I have to change my route to work since we’ve had a pretty routine days specially when i go to work… i call her and check on her - she tells me to drive safely and not to work too hard and she tells me she loves me… i miss her voice and her hugs. She could’ve live another 10 years if she wanted to but she didn’t. She didn’t want to do anything that she use to do… cook… bake… crochet… garden… church even. All she wanted to do was nap. So when she had a urinary infection that brought her to the hospital that was that… it all goes down hill from there… she made sure i knew her wishes for end of life and that as her daughter and nurse that we were on the same page. I keep myself busy… exercise is a savior, specially on days that I don’t want to. I’m so glad to have found untangled… i look forward to getting to know you all. MJ

Posted by MariJo at 2022-07-09 02:55:38 UTC