Anyone willing to share their feelings on sex and physical intimacy? Its something that has been on my mind and I finally came across one instagram meme about it. Im 2 months out from losing my person, very fresh. Initially my libido was gone gone. Its been on my mind less so recently as Ive been just so exhausted and dreading my return to work. But I went through a few weeks of just craving sex, with him, not anyone else, like just wanting that physical connection. We were really active and its been so long now and with being in denial alot, Im like okay... when can I go over.... This is not something that consumes my mind at all, I just really miss taking cute photos for him, teasing, touching and making blanket burritos. A hug would be enough, but I want all of him.

Posted by Rosa610 at 2022-07-08 23:13:55 UTC