Hi! I am new here and I am thankful to know this community. I lost my mom last April 14, 2021 to cancer. December of 2020, she started feeling extreme backpain and can't walk. We had an MRI after going to the chiropractor ( i still sometimes have guilt about this) and a lot of cancer cells that metastasized was found in her MRI. The doctors had a hard time diagnosing it. 20 days after her MRI, she died. A week after we found out it was leukemia.We lost our mom and had financial crisis. I also had a roller coaster of emotions. I was her fulltime caretaker and spend 24/7 with her in her last days. I would sometimes think I am okay then I am not. People think I am brave but in reality I'm just good in hiding my emotions. When I think of heaven I feel at ease. Someday I know, we're gonna meet again.

Posted by letter at 2022-07-08 22:14:41 UTC