I’m so tired today and just completely overwhelmed. I had been doing ok the last few weeks but everything seems to be boiling over again. Intellectually, I can understand the unhealthy parts of the relationship with my husband and that it’s ok for me not to want those unhealthy things anymore. But, we also loved each other and were co-dependent in ways that I willingly participated in. I miss having someone to tell about my day who was actually interested in what was going on with me. Or, at least, good at feigning an interest. Ha! I feel so incapable of making decisions on my own about everything and also tired of it. I just want someone to care about what veggie shares I order from the farms or if I run into my annoying car salesman when I take my car into be serviced. It’s cruddy because he might not have approved of how I handled most things, but… he cared. And it feels like no one cares about what I do now. Just need to vent I guess.

Posted by AmandaG at 2024-07-02 18:36:06 UTC