My brother was an incredible nurse. He had the best, goofiest sense of humor that could put his patients at ease. So many of them were scared and looking for someone to steady them during what was often the worst time in their life if they were receiving a serious diagnosis. My brother’s humor and compassion were able to calm people in those moments. He did work with our street medicine team in town and brought vital medical care to the most vulnerable residents of our city. Mainly unhoused people who had not had medical care in a long time. He could find a way to connect with everyone. I’m in my last quarter of graduate school to get my Masters in Social Work. Even though he was my younger brother, I always wanted to be like him when I grew up. Helping others. Healing others. I can’t do the blood and body fluid stuff nurses do 🤢 so I decided to become a social worker. I had a dream that maybe one day he and I could work together with him providing medical care to our unhoused people and me providing mental health services with them. I just started my last quarter of grad school last month when he died. I wanted to just quit school. I just was so broken. I think I still am. But I realized I want to carry on the work he did in serving, helping, and healing others. God willing, I’ll have my degree in 5 weeks and am making it my mission to see his work continued in this world.

Posted by meleahbee at 2022-07-08 14:16:14 UTC