I lost my granny just over a year ago. She was both my parents in one. My mum is addicted to heroin, and my dad and I have had an on off relationship for years, along with alot of emotional abuse and neglect thrown into the mix. My granny was the only stability I have ever seen, the only one person in life whose love has been unconditional. I am feeling like I’m losing myself more and more as each day goes by, I feel so alone in the world now that she’s no longer here and that there’s no one to fall back on. Since she has died it’s opened a whole can of worms of all the other trauma I have suffered and feelings of being so let down and hurt by the rest of my family or why my b granny even had to fill the boots of everyone on her own in the first place. I don’t know where to begin to comprehend this loss, I’ve lost my granny my mum my dad all in one and then on top of that trying to get my head around that my real mum and dad never cared enough in the first place to be there. I also have suffered the last year pretty much alone, usually when people grieve they grieve with family, but I had no family but her. My self esteem is suffering so badly, I have no self worth, and I miss my person.

Posted by nicoleoneill681 at 2024-06-17 22:37:26 UTC