On 23rd May, my superhero dad hung up his cape to pass over into paradise. His death was unexpected and untimely. A phenomenal man of 58, filled with all the love, quirkiness, intelligence and kindness a human could muster. Nothing has felt remotely real since that day two police officers showed up at our family home, to let us know he had died from what was later identified as a heart attack. The last month has been utterly devastating. Grief has presented itself as a blanket over everything; heavy, ever present and sometimes suffocating. The chapters of life have taken on two new headings - before dad died and after dad died, a very tough distinction to swallow. I never thought I would also be mourning the naivety and innocence of my former self, who had never known such a life changing pain as this. 28 years of being warmed by the fire of his love and wisdom just doesn’t seem like it could ever be enough. Reading all your honest and vulnerable stories has been of great encouragement. The outpouring of love for those lost and those of us trying to figure this all out is beautiful to see. It’s comforting to know I am not alone in this deep, vast, painful and unknown voyage into grief. Abi x

Posted by abileaf at 2022-07-07 23:00:29 UTC