Hey guys, is anyone else also afraid to be left alone now? My mum was my best friend and only ally theough my whole life. We spend our whole life together, I guess some things were not going the optimal way, when it comes to me developing into an adult. Now I feel, I will never be able to connect to anybody really. And I feel, like I may be broken in any way. Gladly I have a job and know some friend groups that I can reach out to and join for some activitiws (they are not super active, but I know people...). I had a very different view on me and my life and a lot changes currently. I think I was very symbiotic with my mum. Additionally we were also having a lot of misunderstandings and fights in the last times. I sometimes feel like I broke my whole life... Send you hugs. πŸ’•

Posted by le-kit at 2024-06-13 18:30:39 UTC