Hello, I’m new. I lost my best friend to suicide in March. He had his struggles, but I never thought he would take it this far, The situation around his departure from this world is making this grief so complex, I’ve been struggling with every emotion under the sun, the fatigue had me destroyed for a long time, the hopelessness, fear, isolation, abandonment, the anger now….i never thought I would be angry, but he’s left a mess behind, he’s left everyone devastated, Its not as clear cut as mental health, he got himself in trouble, and he saw no way out, I hope I move to acceptance soon, I still love him, I miss him. I feel guilt at my emotions, I would love to connect with someone who’s lost a close friend to suicide, but are grappling with conflicting emotions 💔

Posted by Kait at 2022-07-07 21:43:40 UTC