Grief is being okay one second and then not okay the next. It’s seeing something as small as grapefruit juice in a grocery aisle, sparking a memory, and stealing your joy. It sneaks in when you start to forget, you’ve been sidetracked, and then reminds you all over again. It flashes you back to the past in the most random of moments.. A phone rings…crippling. A pickup drives by…longing. People laugh in the hallway…anger. Grief is a B. It’s the need to be alone but also the need to be around everyone simultaneously. Its numbness. It’s sadness. It’s fear. Its anger. It’s downright cruel. I’m not here to tell you it’s okay. What happened to you is not okay. It’s going to be different. And it’s okay to feel however you are feeling about that difference for as long as you need to feel it. I miss you, Dad.

Posted by Deleted (78e65e5a) at 2022-07-07 17:38:03 UTC