I stumbled upon this community on Instagram and thought I’d give it a go. I lost my girlfriend/ very soon to be Fiancé along with 7 other members of her family very suddenly in a house fire three weeks ago. She was 27 years old. We were planning to be married within the year. It’s obviously been an incredible dark time these past few weeks. The first two weeks I would end every day completely exhausted from grief and sleep immediately. These days sleep comes so hard. At night the flash backs from that night come back so heavy and I can’t close my eyes without seeing night mares. Most nights recently I just can’t even try to sleep, until after missing a night or two I finally sleep from exhaustion. I’ve been told this is just an effect of trauma that will pass. Hoping that will be sooner than later. Miss her so much it physically hurts. I’m thankful for a community that understands the pain and darkness. I hope I can be there for others as well.

Posted by zmast10 at 2022-07-07 16:47:20 UTC