I’m not sure how many on here live in my area but a family friend of mine runs a funeral parlour who are expanding their services. They pride themselves in supporting families not just for the funeral but also beyond, as part of that they are holding grief group coffee mornings monthly from 3rd August. You don’t have to have used them to attend and it’s completely free, they want to be there for families within the community and are encouraging anyone that needs to, to come along. They are based on the A6 in Stockport opposite the crematorium and if you use Facebook you can find the link to the event here https://www.facebook.com/239968680155254/posts/pfbid0kDg9q4V9yerVVzZcvhcDuAzBz5pAFGgCGWuVE7ytxA9cC5oVQcGZVkNUQoXniWdql/?d=n I’ve included an image of the address please feel free to pop along or message me if you are unsure. I will be attending so it would be nice to meet some of you there if you feel that you need that face to face.

Posted by Eleanor at 2022-07-07 16:17:45 UTC