Hi everyone, my name is Julie. I lost my Dad in March of 2021 to a very sudden and unexpected heart attack. He had driven to my college campus that morning to drop off groceries and to say hi. Several hours later, I got the worst phone call from my mom. He had passed out at home and passed away before the paramedics could get there. Within minutes, my life had been flipped upside down and left in shambles. I was only 19, with a younger brother and grieving mom left to take care of. Being in college at the time, I was only able to take a week off at home for the funeral and such before I had to return to school. I just miss my Dad so much. I’m studying to work in the same field as him one day, which makes his loss all the more painful. I feel his absence every day and just wish I could see him again.

Posted by Julie Z at 2022-07-07 14:09:31 UTC