I lost my fiancé unexpectedly at 38 years old on January 28, 2022. I was out of town when it happened so by the time I made it to the hospital, he was already gone. I couldn’t even give him a proper goodbye - I was only able to see him through a window. I struggle with guilt and grief every day. The what if’s, the should’ve’s and could’ve’s - what if I’d been there? What if I could’ve done something in the days before to prevent it? Maybe I should have tried harder to not stress him out. The worst part is we don’t know what the cause of death was so we are left with all these questions and no answers. I miss him every single day. Some days are easier than others, and I manage to go through the daily motions of life, but these last few days have been particularly hard. The grief definitely comes in waves, and I feel like I’ve been sucked under a big one lately. I miss my partner and my best friend. I just want to see his face, hear his voice, smell him, touch him, see him just walk through the door at any minute. I waited so long to find my person, and in an instant he was gone and life as I knew it would never be the same. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story. I wish you all peace in your lives as you grieve your loss(es). 🖤

Posted by annae83 at 2022-07-07 13:43:43 UTC