I am an only child, a mother, a grandmother. I lost both my parents 16 and 14 years ago. I grieve for them daily and miss them so much. On June 15, my 39 year old son died in ICU after 1 week from going into the ER because he felt so sick. They tried everything and by the time they learned he had a fungal infection and in septic shock, it was too late to save him. I am devastated. My heart is broken and I don’t know how I will ever move on from this. All these years later and I am still in so much pain about my parents and this feels even worse. I’m in a fog and can sleep at night. He lived with me and everything around me is him. He was such a wonderful son and his siblings are also heartbroken. He had a lifetime of hospitalizations and surgeries but never complained. He just did all the appointments and surgeries and lived a very good life. Everyone who knew him loved him deeply and admired his hilarious personality. I never imagined living without him. I used to worry about how he would live without me because I supported him throughout his medical journey and we were very close. We have not held a funeral or celebration of life yet because he donated his body to a medical school for teaching. I feel like I can never move on from this.

Posted by shaugen15 at 2022-07-07 12:04:40 UTC