Hi, my name is Victoria. I lost my mom this past February. She usually would get up at about 2/3am and make herself some coffee to start the day. She’s done this since I was a kid. The day she passed, my brother was awake and saw her making coffee. She went to his room and 30 minutes later he got up to get some water. He saw my mom in the living room, slumped over the chair and started screaming- waking me up. I ran out of my room to see my brother trying to wake up our mom. I rushed to my parents room to wake up my dad and call 911, as my brother and dad preformed CPR. The paramedics came and didn’t everything they could but they pronounced her dead. It was an extremely traumatic experience to see all of this. I had already planned on moving out just two days after that and had no idea if I still should. I decided to do it and it was such a difficult decision, but right for me. I had all of my stuff moved into my new apartment but didn’t stay there for about 2 months. My friend essentially lived alone while I stayed with my dad to make sure he was okay. I was in shock in the beginning. Sometimes I still forget she’s gone. My heart has a huge hole now. Reading everyone’s stories make me feel less alone.

Posted by vrios1392 at 2022-07-06 14:34:08 UTC