Hi my names Amanda, I lost someone extremely significant in my life. A beautiful soul, it felt like we were meant to be but timing never work out, we were on different pages. We knew each other for 8 years, but from the day I met her I felt like we knew each other forever - we dated for 3 years in and off but the relationship became codependent and my mental and physical health was struggling. She passed a month ago and we weren’t speaking at the time. Her passing was so unexpected and the agony I feel every night and every morning is so difficult. I just want to talk to her. I had so much to say to her and was thinking of her so strongly before she passed. My guilt and heartache overtakes most days and I just miss her dearly. I feel like I don’t deserve to miss her because we weren’t speaking. I’m struggling but trying to get up and face the day when I can. Hoping to find solace within this app and a place to feel.

Posted by amandamarilyn at 2024-05-16 22:42:19 UTC