On June 28th he would have been 34. At midnight I sent a text and a picture of us to his phone and sent a happy birthday message and told him how I missed him and I loved him. I called his phone to hear the voicemail and just hung up after two rings.. I had just got done telling a friend how this all feels like some sick joke and how I felt like he was going to call me and tell me he loved me. How he’d laugh and tell me he’s okay. How he’s missing me… I went to bed early because I was just.. exhausted.. the day itself was so mentally hard to get through and I woke up to a phone call. His contact picture and name lit up and I was at an utter loss of words… truly, I can’t even begin to tell you how shocked and horrified I was. I answered the phone and… silence…. Radio silence. My stomach was in knots… Six days later and I’m still racking my brain how that’s even possible. Has anyone ever had something like this happen before? I’m truly in shock still

Posted by madison.dearmore.md at 2022-07-05 06:34:49 UTC