Today there was a mass shooting at Highland Park IL, I didn’t find out until my friend messaged me and my friends in the group chat “I love you guys, please stay safe”, not knowing it could of been the last thing she says to us. She’s alive and well thankfully, she was working near by the shooting and was escorted by security to her car and got home safely. People celebrated the 4th of July, watching fireworks, and singing how great is America, just couple hours after a mass shooting leaving 6 dead and 24 injured. I honestly did not want to celebrate today, I just wanted to sleep the whole day. One of my friends was murdered early May, taken away from gun violence. Then one of my other friends almost got shot today and possibly could have died also, from GUN VIOLENCE. And many celebrated the 4th while 6 families started to plan to bury their loved ones. 24 families with injured and traumatized loved ones, from gun violence. Even my family celebrated the 4th, we sat on a boat to watch the fireworks, I tried my best to not bawl my eyes out and scream at the tops of my lungs “how can I celebrate when people just died, when my friend is dead” My dad asks my brother if he wants to go shooting with him on Saturday, insult to injury. How could he. Right next to me too. When will people start taking gun violence seriously, when.

Posted by RED at 2022-07-05 04:43:51 UTC