Hi. Everyone. I lost my little boy when he was 14. His name is Giovanni. He suffered anaphylaxis an food allergy attack when he ate something we did not know contained his allergen (peanuts) https://www.foodallergyawareness.org/about/in-memory-of-giovanni-cipriano/ I miss him so much every day. Yesterday was a tough one. It's been just about 9 years which I can't believe. Most days I just go about my day trying to do my best, but there are days where the grief sneaks up on you and says yeah I'm still here, it's real, I got you today not escaping me and it feels like an elephant takes over your body and it just can't move. That was yesterday. It wipes you out. Then late last night his best friend's mom texts me asking if I had Giovanni's phone because her son had just gotten a split second call from son's phone, while he was out doing fireworks. 😳 fireworks was their most FAVORITE thing to do even when it wasn't july 4. Every night before he came home he would be at his friends house down the block and would light up the loudest firework to scare me and run in laughing asking if it scared me. ☺️ Giovanni's phone has not been on in over 8 years, but there aren't coincidences like that either. I believe he was letting us all know I never leave you. I see you! ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Georgina Cornago at 2022-07-04 19:26:21 UTC