My son Jack passed away on 19th January this year, from suicide he was 27. There is a pain that is impossible to put into words but know you all feel it. He was an amazing man, he worked with men in prison and treated them as people rather than offenders, they loved him and were devastated when he left them. He was a musician, wrote his own lyrics and was in a band, gigging at festivals and touring with bigger bands. He didn’t like to conform and always backed the underdog. Jack was a free spirit, bearded, tattooed, larger than life but suffered with anxiety and a darkness that he tried to describe but was unable put into words. He never felt that he could quite find his place in the world yet was loved by so many. We had a celebration day rather than a funeral, where we played his favourite music and funny little video clips he had made over the years. Over 300 people attended. I wish he had known how much he was loved, he would have been truly amazed by the love in that big room. I miss him every day and am still struggling to process that he has gone. A little sorrow at a time is all I can manage otherwise the grief would overwhelm and consume me. I know he wouldn’t have wanted that. Trying to keep going one day at a time without him…it’s a struggle. Sending love and thoughts out to you all and hoping we can all find some peace ❤️

Posted by manwyl at 2022-07-03 13:52:24 UTC