TW - INFERTILITY (MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ) Hi everyone Where do i start?? My name is Hailey. Im 23 years old now, but was 22 at the time I got rushed to the ER 07/14/23, just 2 weeks after having my FIRST son via Csection. I was at that point- septic. I had necrosis in my uterus ( flesh eating bacteria) and it kept spreading. (Eventually also got necrotizing fasciitis in my belly). 5 surgeries including a hysterectomy later i made it out alive. I literally was hours from death, on a ventilator for a week. They would try to communicate with me via paper and pen. my poor fiancé and friends sat next to me in the ICU, crying thinking i was going to die. I miraculously made it off the ventilator couple days after my surgeries. I had to learn how to rewrite on paper and to walk again. here i am still here but i have alot of healing to do still. Come to find out this was all caused by exposure to DIPHTHERIA in my uterus. Somehow. Im currently in process of retaining an expert Dr with an attorney. I lost my chance to ever be pregnant again, I went through the most scary time of my life. Im grateful to still be here for my love and my son, BUT THIS HURTS SO DEEP TO MY CORE. Im sick of hearing “be grateful for what you have”. I DESERVED A NORMAL LIFE/FAMILY JUST AS MUCH AS EVERYONE ELSE !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for reading in if you got this far.

Posted by HysterectomyGrief at 2024-04-10 07:40:26 UTC