I went back home to visit my parents not long ago. And while there my mother showed me the box where she had put all the funeral related things (printed poems of my sister to hand out, thank you notes, etc). And there were also all the letters and cards people had sent to us in there, which I hadn't looked at so far. So when I was alone in the apartment, I decided to sift through them a bit and that's when I saw that all but one were only adressed to my parents. There was just one letter that spelled out all our names, the rest was all just for "Mr and Mrs XY". I felt so invisible then and also so disappointed. Siblings really do get overlooked in grief. I've had my share of "you have to be strong for your parents now" too and it just sucks. I thought some people on here might relate.

Posted by Sol at 2022-07-03 08:09:40 UTC