Here I am in Maui. I don’t know how to act? Long story short, I lived in Maui for 7 and 1/2 years. My mom died when I lived here in 2001. I got very very close to my dad after my moms death. My dad died August 28, 2021. He loved Maui even though it held a lot of hard memories of my mom, his beloved wife. My dad had a vrbo apartment in Maui. His vrbo that my sister is now maintaining. I’m sitting in that vrbo right now. It’s filled with memories. I was here in 2013 , I helped my dad worked on this place. Paint the walls, installed tile. We are here to celebrate and say goodbye to my dad. My sister had his ashes. We is : me, my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend I was crying on plane on arrival in Maui I’m afraid to me myself and with all my emotions and I don’t want to ruin the vacation I also don’t want to become an alcoholic on this trip

Posted by sadieemily at 2022-07-03 06:30:50 UTC