Hey everyone. I’m Kelly. I lost my dad on May 20th of this year. He had been chronically ill to varying degrees for years. He was a double amputee below the knee and a diabetic. He had to have a couple of fingers amputated due to infection and just never quite recovered, and passed away a few weeks after surgery. I’m in Ohio, and he was in California and we couldn’t make it it In time to say goodbye. 😢 I’m traveling back to California next week for his memorial on July 15th. It’s weird because I feel like the first month was a little easier than this last month. I felt sad but could function in the weeks following, but the last couple of weeks I’ve just felt so low and depressed. My patience is paper thin. I’m so easily agitated and angry. I’ve been watching my nieces for the past few days, and I’ve just felt so on edge with them. I know they are just kids and kids act up. Normally, I would be fine and just let them be kids but I feel like they are seeing the worst side of me. Has anyone else gone through this with kids while they are grieving?

Posted by kellykoolhoven at 2022-07-02 19:29:21 UTC