Hello! My mum passed away 16 weeks ago, 7th March 2022. She had cancer, was diagnosed in the August 2021 and sadly the prognosis in September was not good. She put up a foot fight but her body was too weak. She was my best friend, the greatest Mum I could have ever had. She was my greatest supporter and gave good and bad advice. We told each other the truth and argued haha but regardless never left it. Always forgave. We were very alike, I adored her but she drove me mad too. I miss her terribly, I miss the calling her and the texts. I helped nurse her throughout washing and keeping company. Tried to find ways to keep her comfortable. But also make her laugh, and smile. We had a laugh even though she was sick. I’ll cherish the time we had together, the many theatre trips, shopping trips and lunches. Even the glasses of wine and a chat or a coffee and chat. She knew me better than anyone, I’ve got plenty of people around me. But I don’t always think they get it. I’m a different person now. I wonder if I’ll ever be how I was. I want to be for my kids, but I struggle with socialising, after doing any socialising it then knocks me the next day. I loved socialising before. Anyway I’m rambling - that’s my reason for being part of this club called grief. Yet I hold on to the fact. You have to have loved to grieve! 💔

Posted by Ryan-CJ25 at 2022-07-02 19:23:15 UTC