Hi I have had this app for a while now but never posted until now. Yesterday my daughter and I went to where my husband and I use to work for the first time since he passed away. We weee never together when we worked there. He went to corporate and I stayed to be a manager then we got together. I ended up having to go on disability so it’s been a while. I was unsure about going in and was just going to send my daughter in for me but then thought it would be hard for her to so we mustered up the courage and when in. At first no one recognized us we were kinda glad until people realized who we were. I tried to block out all thoughts and memories of him and us working away as a great team. We did talk to some of the people but tried to avoid the rest. I am also so grateful for my service dog being by my side and doing one of his jobs. We were pretty proud of ourselves when we got out of there but this morning is hard all these memories I have of my husband and I working together having fun and laughing are flashing through my head and it hurts. I am always afraid that I will forget everything that we did together and everything we talked about. Sometimes my mom will bring up something he said or did and I will be like I forgot about that and then it rips through me again. Does anyone else feel like this? I also got a tattoo for him I was never sure if I was going to get one. Then a week ago my brother and daughter and I decided to get tattoos and all of a sudden it popped in my head to get one that was for him and I. I got our wedding date and rings I am so happy that I got it.

Posted by crystalpearson04 at 2022-07-02 16:12:18 UTC