Hi my names Sharon, this is my first time posting on here, my husband John passed away 26th January 2022 very unexpectedly I had seen him at 4.45pm I had to pop to work for a short time I was back home by 6.30pm and in that 1 hour & 45 mins he had passed away, I gave him cpr but I knew he had gone, we had been together 42 years married for almost 39 years, every day is a ground hog day I relive it all the time if I hadn't gone back to work could I have made a difference on whether he lived or died, I will never know I will never know what happened just before he passed away was he scared did he call out for me, I'm still in the disbelief phase every morning noon and night I cry I'm crying now writing this, how do I spend the rest of my life without my soul mate how do I carry on living without him the house is so empty, I have plenty of family and friends for support but there not HIM I can never see this greaving ever getting any better, our daughter gets Married next month I know I'm going to be a mess how do I not spoil her day because I know at the forefront of her mind will be her dad who should be walking her down the aisle it's heartbreaking..

Posted by shazzaharris61 at 2022-07-02 11:42:30 UTC