This morning I had to go to the hospital to have some more blood taken for my breast milk donation from last week, apparently they didn't take enough so they needed some more. Which I was perfectly fine with doing, but I wish they thought more about it. I had to walk into the neonatal unit where my little baby stayed for nearly 6 weeks, just to pick up some stickers for the blood bottles. But then, I had to go to ANTENATAL. The actual ward where I had my beautiful baby. I had to walk around the corridors seeing all the parents with their babies or mothers in labour. It really hit me then, I was a few feet away from the room she was born in. I know she never passed away in Antenatal and I got to have her for an incredible 10 weeks in neonatal but it just brought back so much and I never realised until now, that maybe I have birth trauma, a bad birthing experience.

Posted by Skaanoodle at 2022-07-02 10:58:01 UTC