Hello everyone! This looks like a very safe and supportive community, something that I could definitely do with! 😊 So about me and my recent pain….I am 27 and was with my partner for 11 years. She was pretty much my life and I loved her with all of my heart. Last August we got married, something I had dreamed of for many years. Yet a couple days after our mini honeymoon she told me she had been with a guy in our flat a couple of mornings before the wedding. I don’t quite remember these moments as it’s kind of blackout due to the amount of pain. We had to instantly split. I had to move home, quit my job but worst of all it was like she had passed away. Suddenly she was not there, and any memories I had of us were poisoned. I’m not even allowed to think of us yet as it strictly brings pain and anger. Not sure if this is an overshare, but hey ho! Stay strong everyone!

Posted by OJones at 2022-07-02 07:15:36 UTC