Bad day already today 💔 I had a panic attack when I got to the supermarket whilst I was sat in the car. This is the third time this has happened 🥺 I miss him. I miss going shopping every Friday morning with him. I miss getting the food he likes. I miss him packing the shopping in his own OCD way. I miss buying his toiletries. I miss doing everything with him. My heart hurts without him. I wish I didn’t have to do this all by myself 💔 if I didn’t do the food shop my children can’t eat. It’s all left to me and it’s so overwhelming. Whilst I was paying a song came on that instantly reminded me of him so I burst into tears. The poor cashier didn’t know what to do 🥺 5 years ago today we moved into our forever home. He loved making our house a home and worked so hard to do that ❤️ In two days it will be 7 months since we lost him 💔 I just feel so lonely. Friends and family have pretty much deserted us 💔 Sorry for rambling I just needed to get it out of my brain 💔

Posted by nickib39 at 2022-07-01 10:30:45 UTC