I’m 34 years old and my husband of 15 years died in a head-on collision in October. I suspect it was suicide. We were in the process of separating because 5 months before I found out that he had been having an affair for several months. I feel like I lost my best friend and husband twice in the last year. I don’t have any close friends because he and I were so close and spent all our time together until he started working longer hours last year. I am close with my family, but I can tell that my pain hurts them and they are starting to struggle with talking about my issues. I thought I would try this app to see if there was anyone who could relate to any part of this so we could share experiences. I just miss him and want to talk about him, but no one understands because he also hurt me so badly.

Posted by meltmyeyes at 2024-03-21 01:28:26 UTC