Does anyone get random flashbacks? Sometimes a smell, or a phrase or an object gives me a little glimpse of my Nans. If you’ve watched Charmed it feels like I’m having a premonition, i get less than a second glimpse of a memory of my nan, so quick I can only make out her. Today I had tea in a flask and when I was washing it out and smelt the cold tea I had a flashback. I would make my Nan a flask of tea for the night so she would have to go up and down the stairs and I’d hate washing it in the morning because I didn’t like the smell of the old tea. Today it was kind of nice to smell. I also walked into her room (which I’ve slept in since she left) but as I walked in I had a glimpse of her sitting up in the bed. I miss her so much! She was everything to me. I feel like something is missing in my chest, it feels so empty.

Posted by JadeSummers at 2022-06-30 22:23:15 UTC