Where to start well I lost my husband 3yrs and 8 months ago suddenly. 3 months after that our dog had to have a leg amputed got an infection and nearly died. I then had the idea of renting my house out and going travelling. As i was finishing renovating the house during first covid lock down my mum and stepdad died (non covid). I used an agency to manage the rental. So a few months after my parents funeral I left the house with the plan of travelling the UK first which I started to but then found out I had the tenants from hell and the agents were useless. I asked them to give notice and then spent 15 months evicting them. I'm now back in my house but I am struggling with my mental health I'm getting help but feel so lonely I have a small family but we aren't very close. I have friends but don't find it easy to talk to them (I have trust issues because of my abusive childhood). I feel a bit of a social leper. Is it me or have people stopped including me in social activities. It just feels so shit to spend the weekend alone.

Posted by handymandy1 at 2022-06-30 19:29:31 UTC