I’m visiting St.Louis this week and the last time I was here was with my dad. We went to the zoo when my daughter was little. I took my kids to the zoo yesterday and it was fun but I honestly don’t remember much of the details, like I was there but wasn’t. The trip to the zoo before with my dad wasn’t anything super significant at the time to me, like it wasn’t a tradition and was kind of a last minute spur of the moment thing, but now it feels weird that he wasn’t there this time? If that makes sense. And I’m sad because he got to go with my daughter when she was young but didn’t get to go with my son because he wasn’t alive yet and we haven’t been since my son was not . So I just feel weird and sad but like my kids were having fun and that part made me happy. It’s hard balancing my emotions when I’m sad he’s missing out, I’m angry he’s gone, I’m lonely because I want to talk to him, but then I feel happy seeing my kids making memories and having fun. Picture from last time we were here with my dad and then yesterday

Posted by ash9472 at 2022-06-30 13:51:40 UTC