I lost my son on May 28, 2022 He was born at 23+1 weeks, a micropreemie and went through so many surgeries and overcame so much. He held out for a little over 6 months in the NICU and was doing so well until he unexpectedly got NEC again, and this time around he just couldn’t beat it… he passed away in my arms We were talking about discharge and having him home just the day before… It’s been a month. I’m so heartbroken… His passing was so sudden and shocked everyone. We met with his doctor this past week and found out his underlying medical issue that may have caused his sudden passing… He was our first son. We struggled to get pregnant. We had experienced birth and NICU trauma, and now his passing.. I never got to be the mother I wanted to be for him. He never got to see life outside of the NICU and it breaks my heart. Pictures of my sweet angel, Noah

Posted by Celina Kapsengchanh at 2022-06-30 08:34:10 UTC